September 13, 2021

Term 5 Group Course Enrolment stats

Term 5 Group Course (Oct 11th – Dec 4th)

We’ll start Term 5 courses from Oct 11th – Dec 4th. (8 weeks)
※No classes on public holiday on Tue 2nd Nov.
⇒So Tue classes will be 1 week behind schedule from Tue 2nd Nov and running until 7th Dec

★On-site vs Online★
We set some classes online, some are on-site.
However, due to the restriction by the Vicotrian Government, we have to continue all classes online until the restriction is lifted.


There are 3 courses for group class:

1. General Group Course: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
・You’ll learn all skills: Writing, reading, speaking and listening.
・Grammar based
・Suitable for people who would like to learn grammars as well as conversational skills or / and intend to take JLPT in the future

2. Focus on Communication Course 
・You’ll mainly learn speaking and listening, focus on more communication.
・Suitable for people who would like to focus on conversation.

3. JLPT Preparation Course (N5 – N1 levels)
・If you’ve registered JLPT exam for Dec 2021, then this class helps you!


☆Term 4 Early Bird discount☆
 ※This payment information will be sent to you after submitting the retention form, too.  
If you make a payment for Term 5  by Sat 2nd Octyou will get $10 OFF! (Full payment required)
・General Group Class / FOC 16hrs class: $374→$364
・JLPT Preparation Class: $385→$375
・Conversation Class (8hrs): $198→$188

Here is a link for group courses details & enrolment.