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Group Lessons

Rayoul Borges


Group Lessons

Leigh Johns

I remember I wanted to learn some basic phrases in order to visit Japan for a holiday and so I contacted Japaneasy to enquire about a lesson. From the first moment I walked in the door they have been absolutely welcoming, helpful and supportive. Japaneasy is a fantastic place to learn. The teachers are passionate about supporting students and they work hard to tailor lessons to your individual needs and interests. The classes are well structured and prepared. I remember initially as a beginner with very little (pretty much zero) knowledge of Japanese language I felt challenged but I also felt comfortable with the support from teachers and the pace of learning I was progressing at. Some of the benefits of studying at Japaneasy that I didn’t know would come are the exposure and education of not just the language but also Japanese culture in general. The school holds a number of workshops and events throughout the year and provides some great experiences in all things Japanese. Studying at Japaneasy has also lead to some amazing personal experiences like being able to visit sensei and new friends in Japan, being at Tokyo Dome and getting adopted by the crowd to help cheer at the baseball (it was amazing!) or even just chatting with Japanese people on the Shinkansen (fast train) when travelling throughout the country. Mina sensei should be really proud of this school she has built over the last 10+ years and also of every one of Japaneasy’s teachers. Over the last few years everyone has been so kind and supportive it has really meant a lot to me. My advice if you’re thinking about learning at Japaneasy is to go for it. The worst that could happen is you’ll meet some absolutely awesome people!

VCE Tuition

Selina Lin

Learning Japanese is fun and gives you various opportunities! Thanks to my studies, I have been able to study in Japan, try new activities like calligraphy, and experience Japanese school life, so I’m very glad that I began it. And of course, I was able to meet with everyone at Japaneasy! Currently, I am studying for VCE and JLPT (N3), so sometimes it feels a bit troublesome. However, since everyone at Japaneasy is always kind and friendly, I can have fun in class and relax. That’s why Japanese is definitely my favourite subject! I chose Japaneasy because not only is there culture classes and “Japanese village”, but the classes are also small, so it is easy to interact with teachers. I am taking VCE tuition and JLPT classes, and the teachers at Japaneasy are always helping me out. In private lessons, I think that you can focus on parts that you are not sure about (especially speaking), practice with teachers and become more confident. For JLPT lessons, while learning new grammar, vocabulary and kanji, you can talk about the teachers’ and other students’ experiences, so even though studying is a little difficult, when you are with everyone else it becomes fun. So please, come to Japaneasy!

Private Lessons

Szymon Trapp

I had always dreamt about going to Japan, and I finally went there in 2010. I didn’t know any Japanese at the time. A few months later my wife started learning Korean and that made me realise that I could learn Japanese. Once I started, the experience turned out to be something quite different to learning European languages – more difficult and exciting at the same time. I think the challenge and the sense of achievement motivate me and prevent me from giving up. Japaneasy was the first school I considered as it was very conveniently located. I went for a level check and a trial class, and since I enjoyed it I didn’t even try any other school. Cultural workshops also drew my attention. I tried calligraphy and immediately knew it was something for me. I’ve been coming to calligraphy classes quite regularly for the last 1.5 year. Coming to classes keeps me motivated, and develops my language skills and interest in Japan. I also recommend everyone to try cultural workshops and find ones for themselves. Japaneasy teachers are very helpful and try hard to make learning Japanese as enjoyable as possible.

Private Lessons

Tim Carter

I went round to all the Japanese language schools in Melbourne, because picking the right school was important to me. I spoke to someone from each school in person to get a first impression. I really wanted learning to be as fun and enjoyable as it had been in Perth. My initial interview and free level check with theJapaneasy’s Director Minako Fujita was great. She was friendly & easy to get along with and her hands on experience really shone through. And as well as being the director of the school she was the owner so from the start she really seemed like the person I could trust with my Japanese dream. I love learning at Japaneasy, It’s a very friendly atmosphere to learn in, and all the teachers make and effort to get to know you and introduce you around so you never feel like just another student. There are different courses to suit my needs. I’ve studied in the intensive Couse over the summer then group lessons which are cheaper. But usually the flexibility of private lessons to study things that I particularly want to learn or practise suites me best. They also have culture lesson I have especially enjoyed the Japanese calligraphy classes they hold on Wednesday nights. I think one of the best things is that you feel like you’re part of the Japanese learning community so I’ve made lots of new friends through JAPANEASY both here and overseas. and building a network of Japanease friends is great for your overseas trip! Really i have receive so much value out of my Japaneasy experience far beyond my expectations, I am really grateful for it.

Group Lessons

Christina Adriani

Firstly it was because Japaneasy’s website was one of the most comprehensive one out there and gave me a good overview of what they have to offer. Mina sensei then rang me and was very helpful on the phone, I found out about everything I wanted to know and decided that I’ll give it a shot. What a great decision that was! It’s been really great, I love the fact that all the lessons are taught mostly in Japanese, that way we get attuned to hearing spoken Japanese from the very start. All the teachers are not only great at what they do, but most of them became really good friends of mine. Speaking of which, I’ve also made so many good friends since I studied at Japaneasy, both in Melbourne and Japan!

Private Lessons


I found Japaneasy quite by chance and the unusual approach really caught my eye. The idea that language learning could be fun and stay connected to the culture it belongs to made a lot of sense and really appealed to me. MUCH better than just plodding through some dry old lessons in a textbook that doesn’t relate to the real world. I LOVE learning at Japaneasy and really look forward to my classes. Everyone is so friendly, kind and helpful as well as very professional. I feel as if I’ve been welcomed into a big extended family. Like the day I was totally surprised when everyone sang me happy birthday and gave me a gift and a delicious cake – wow! For me the best things about coming to Japaneasy have been making new friends as well as gaining a much better appreciation and even greater admiration for Japan and japanese people. Oh, and gradually learning to speak a little japanese! I think Mina-san has done a wonderful thing with starting Japaneasy and with the help and enthusiasm of her fantastic teachers and staff has created a learning environment that teaches much, much more than just how to speak japanese.

Private Lessons

Ronald McCoy

I met my Japanese friend at a very good German language learning class where we were both classmates. I have known her and her husband for about three years now, and I asked her if she knew of a good place to learn Japanese in Melbourne. She recommended JAPANEASY because of its high quality of language teaching which was closely linked to experiencing Japanese culture. She also agrees with me about the best ways to learn foreign languages which is something we have in common and, in my opinion, her recommendation for JAPANEASY was correct. Interestingly, after going to Japan for the first time, I now understand how important recommendations are in Japanese culture! Why do I keep learning Japanese at JAPANEASY? I could say the excellent teaching – which is true – or the flexible learning arrangements that easily fit with my busy life style – which is also true. I could say it’s full of wonderful and enthusiastic people who make learning so much fun and enjoyable – which is also very true. But to be brutally honest, the real reason I love learning at JAPANEASY is that every time I walk through the front door, I feel like I walk into a little piece of Japan with all the language, hospitality and culture that that means, and the best way to learn a language is to go to the country! It’s the non-threatening 100% immersion that they offer which is unbeatable.


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