May 18, 2020

Plans to go back to face-to-face group lessons

Plans to go back to face-to-face group lessons

Starting Beginner-1 to Intermediate-1, private lessons at the location from June 1st


Firstly, thank you for being patient and waiting for us to reopen the school. Today, we are very happy to announce that Japaneasy is finalising our plans to go back to face-to-face lessons.

We have checked with Business Victoria directly after the Victorian government announced on the 11th of May to ease some restrictions, we were advised that we could have lessons at our location as long as we follow the “stay safe rules” by Health and Human Services. Therefore, we are now planning to return to face-to-face lessons gradually with the following those rules and ensuring the safe return of all students and staff;


✅Keep your distance – stay 1.5 metres away from others
    -> We tape the standing position with distance for reception and waiting area
    -> We form all seats with 1.5M apart in the classes
✅Practise good hygiene
    -> Sanitisers are set at the entrance, wipe the doors and chairs frequently
✅Stay at home if you are sick
    -> You will probably be able to cover your lesson by attending online, recording lessons or usual catch up lessons. (please note this all depends on the situations.)

    -> We clean the classrooms as much as we can, as you know Japanese people are good at cleaning!

For this new term, (from the 1st of June – July 25th), we will start some Beginner-1 to Intermediate-1 classes and some private lessons for both online and on-site. If you are in the level, you can choose either staying online class or travelling to Japaneasy to have on-site lessons.

However, we have some restrictions for the number of students to gather in each class at the location, we need to set 2 to 5 students each level for face-to-face lessons, which means we have to close the door when the number reaches. So if you wish to be back to the face-to-face lessons, please inform us as soon as you can, then your spot will be reserved.

Schedules are here:

General Group Schedule

Please note that Intermediate 2-5 and advanced classes will continue online lessons. Please let us know if you wish for a face-to-face lesson and we will try to organise that as much as we can.

Thank you for learning Japanese at JAPANEASY even in such a difficult situation. We appreciate your understanding and support. Now we cannot wait to see you all at the school soon!

【Culture Workshops】
We restart on-site Calligraphy class on 6th June. Here are details.



Warmest regards,


Minako Fujita