January 28, 2021

Feb Beginner Short Courses

Do you have more free time to use for yourself now? It is a great chance for you to start learning new language or brush up your Japanese. Let’s learn Japanese as quick as possible!✅Small groups so that you have more chance to talk and ask.
✅High-Quality & Reasonable course fee.
✅Qualified and happy native Japanese teachers.

【Class List】

①General Group Course: Beginner-1 Level
⇒You’ll learn everything including speaking, reading and writing
⇒Mainly conducted in Japanese


Wed& Sat 5 days course.

1. Sat 13th Feb at 15:30-18:50
2. Wed 24th Feb at 17:40-21:00
3. Sat 6th Mar at 15:30-18:50
4. Sat 13th Mar at 15:30-18:50
5. Wed 17th Mar at 17:40-21:00
Fee: 374.00 (inc GST)


General Beginner-1 is here.

Let’s make maximum progress in minimum time with us.