Japan Christmas Festival 2023

Unique Japan Christmas Experience


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Date: Sun the 10th of Dec
Time: 10:00-16:00
Venue: JAPANEASY (L1, 152 Little Lonsdale St.)

・Join Christmas themed workshops – discover the culture & make your own special Christmas gifts

・Explore the market stalls for Japanese style Christmas gifts, with amazing art and craft from a range of designers


【Culture Workshop information and booking link 2023】

Please book ahead through the links below, the seats for these classes are limited (Prices vary). ALL BOOKINGS WILL BE OPENING UP FROM FRI 10TH NOVEMBER AT NOON!

Otherwise, you can also walk in and reserve a place at the door on the day. *we recommend to book online beforehand to secure your seats.


【Market stallholders (Free entry)】

Have a nice day (handcraft w/quality Japanese fabric), Kiku Pottery Studio (Japanese Potter/Ceramic), Cha Haus (Japanese tea), Sachi Craft (Handmade clothing, accessories and homewares), OzKoi (Beeswax Candles & Wraps), Anna.Japana (Earrings & Art using Mizuhiki paper cord), Moomsyau (Tsumamizaiku handmade accessories), Saori Premium Japanese sauce, Nana Kimura (Signboard design), Hibiki sound healing (singing ring) … and more!


”Immerse yourself in the culture of Japan with a day of creative workshops and market stalls at Japaneasy.”

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Christmas X Japanese

Workshops 2023

Nerikiri Experience Workshop for Beginners by MinnieSweets (Soldout)

In this fun, unique and hands-on 90mins beginners class you will learn about Japanese confectionery Nerikiri and make your own beautiful creations. Minnie will teach you how to use wagashi tools to create two designs from Christmas themes, also you will make your own design.

You can take them home with a matching green tea to enjoy.

*Nerikiri material is provided that this class doesn’t make Nerikiri dough.

◇Session time

1. 10:30-12:00 – 8 seats (SOLD OUT)

2. 12:30-14:00 – 8 seats (SOLD OUT)

3. 14:30-16:00 – 8 seats (SOLD OUT)

Age : 13+

Cost : $75 per person

Booking at : minniesweets.com.au

*Booking will appear on Friday 10th November at 12noon once booking opens.

日本の伝統菓子「練り切り」 和菓子職人が使うお道具を使い、練り切りの特性や技法を学びながら、練り切り餡を使って、クリスマスを意識したデザインを2種と、教室で学んだ技法を使って、ご自身のデザインを一つ制作して頂きます。お作り頂いた練り切りはお持ち帰りいただきます。


*参加可能年齢: 13歳以上

Booking information

Sumi-e Japanese ink art workshop by Junko Azukawa (SOLD OUT)

Let’s experience Sumi-e and create a unique piece of art to take home. Sumi-e is the ancient art of Japanese brush painting. Traditionally, paintings feature subjects from nature. There is much more to creating an image during the process of Sumi-e, it is also a meditative practice to explore and express your inner self.

You will learn to use different ink tones and brush techniques to create some simple and expressive paintings on Japanese Washi paper such as cherry blossoms, cranes and gum tree forest. All the materials will be provided and all ages are welcome 🙂

Session time:

11:00-12:10pm Cherry Blossoms ($55) (1 available)

12:30-1:40pm Crane ($55) (1 available)


The workshops will be guided by Junko Azukawa:
Web: www.junkoazukawa.com
Instagram@ junkoazukawa


Booking information

Hanko stamp carving workshop by Junko Azukawa (SOLD OUT)


Sumi-e (Japanese Ink) artist, Junko Azukawa will host a Hanko stamp carving workshop. The red stamps or seals are often seen in traditional Japanese artwork and documents. This seal is used in place of a signature and is an important part of traditional Japanese culture. 

In this workshop, you will learn about, design and carve your own Hanko stamp. You can use it for your artwork, photographs, Christmas cards, as your business logo and more. Please bring your reading glasses if you use them as you will be carving a small stone with a small chisel. All materials are provided. Suitable for people aged over 12.

Session time: 2:00-4:00pm ($115) (SOLD OUT)

The workshops will be guided by Junko Azukawa:
Web: www.junkoazukawa.com
Instagram@ junkoazukawa



Booking information

MAKE YOUR OWN VINTAGE KIMONO Scrunchies By Yukimi Breaden (Sachi Japanese Handcrafts)


Create your own piece of kimono history! In this workshop you’ll hand-sew your very own scrunchie hair tie using exquisite vintage kimono fabric direct from Japan. A choice of colours and patterns are available and all supplies and equipment are provided.
This workshop is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to intermediate sewers, ages 12 and up. It is led by Yukimi Breaden, who transforms pre-lived kimonos into fashion garments and accessories.
The workshop includes:
– sewing supplies to use on the day and take home with you afterwards
– extra fabric and elastic cord to make another scrunchie for yourself at home
– a cute mini pincushion souvenir


Session time
10:00-11:30 (3 available)
14:00-15:30 (1 available)
Cost: $50


Booking information

Mizuhiki Japanese Knot Earrings Workshop by Anna Konecny

Join us to learn how to make your very own earrings using the Japanese traditional paper cord called Mizuhiki. Mizuhiki is the traditional Japanese art of tying decorative knots, often attached to envelopes and wrapped gifts that are given during special occasions.

We are going to make ONE pair of earrings learning a few basic knot techniques in the workshop and ONE pair at home.

伝統的な日本の水引を使って、あなただけのイヤリングを作りませんか? 水引はそうあのご祝儀袋についているあの紙紐です。 ワークショップでは、基本的な結び方を学び、1組のイヤリングを作り、もう一組をご自宅で作りますすべての材料はこちらでご用意します。 また、イヤリング金具は、ゴールド、シルバーからお選びいただき、クリップオンもお選びいただけます。

-Workshop includes-

1. Mizuhiki practice cords

2. Mizuhiki cords for making two pairs of earrings.

3. An instruction booklet to keep and practice at home.

4. two pairs of earrings findings (Gold and Silver) Clip-on option available.

Beginner welcome!

-Session Time-

1. 10:00-11:30 – (Sold out)

2. 12:00-13:30 – (2 available)

3. 14:00-15:30 – (Sold out)

Cost: $60 per person

Booking information


Whip up your own ice matcha and new star hojicha lattes at home.

Soak up centuries of traditional tea culture as you learn the classic way to prepare a bowl of matcha. Then try your hand at the latest techniques to create an iced matcha latte and hojicha latte!

Hone your matcha latte skills and answer the age-old question: Which milk type is best?

◆Workshop includes:

1. Unlimited amount of premium matcha and hojicha to practice with.

2. Japanese confectionery to pair with your tea.

3 .Cha Haus’ secret recipes for ice matcha and hojicha latte.

◆Session time

1. 10:00-11:30 – (Sold out)

2. 12:00-13:30 – (1 available)

3. 14:00-15:30 –  (2 available)

◆Bonus gift pack (value $53):

1. 40g of premium matcha from Kyoto’s Uji tea fields ($27)

2. 50g hojicha powder

3. Single-shot matcha shaker

◆$88 workshop fee includes free gift pack (value $53)

Booking information

Origami Cube – Modular Origami workshop (Kusudama fold basic) by Chieko Yamazaki

Come and learn to make origami cubes!

There are a few types of origami and what you learn in this workshop is the type called “modular origami” which means fold multiple pieces of same shape and putting them together to create an item (without gluing of course!). Folding is not complex therefore it is fun and suits for all levels and ages (8yo and over). You can keep it as a simple decorative cube or put a thread and changing it into a hanging ornament for Christmas.

For intermediate to advance level folders, as it is the basic of Kusudama folding, I will teach you how to put/assemble 12 and 30 pieces kusudama if a cube (6 pieces) is too easy for you.

◆ Session time:

1. 10:00 – 11:00 – A few left

2. 11:30 – 12:30 – 6 seats

3. 13:00 – 14:00 – A few left

4. 14:30 – 15:30 – 6 seats

Age: 8+ Cost: $45 per person


ユニット折り紙でキューブを作りましょう! 折り紙にはいくつかのタイプがありますが、このワークショップではユニット折り紙(複数のパーツを組み合わせて一つの作品を作る)に挑戦します。 折り方そのものはとてもシンプルなので年齢や経験を問わず比較的簡単に作れます。折り方自体は簡単でも、組み立てて形を作ることでとても楽しい折り紙体験になります。 特に小さいお子さんが折り紙をすることは算数の理解にも役立ちます。実際に手を動かし試行錯誤しながら考えて作ることにより算数脳を知らず知らずのうちに発達させてくれます。 また折り紙経験者でキューブでは物足りない方には、パーツの数が12、または30のくす玉の組み立て方もお教えできます。 組み立ての際に紐をつけてクリスマスデコレーションに仕上げることも可能です。 いろいろな色の紙を組み合わせて、自分だけのオリジナルカラーの折り紙キューブを作りましょう!

Booking information

Japanese ceramic design workshop by Naoko Coghlan


Let’s have fun decorating ceramics!

In this workshop, you can create your own original ceramic tea bowl,or travel cup. Naoko will provide you with one of her own studio crafted tea bowl, tea cup or travel cup to decorate with underglaze and a beautiful selection of handmade tissue transfers imported directly from Japan. Your creation will be professionally glazed, fired and delivered back to Japaneasy (or if you’d prefer, pick it up from Naoko’s Studio in Montmorency or have it delivered to your home  at the cost of shipping) around 4 weeks later, ready to use or gift to someone special!

age: 7+

*Session time

1. 10:00 – 11:00 (travel cup)$75 (1 seat available)
Travel cup Booking site : https://www.trybooking.com/CNEWP

2.11:30 – 12:30 (matcha tea bowl)$85 (SOLD OUT)
Match tea bowl booking site: https://www.trybooking.com/CNEWS

3.13:00 – 14:00 (tea cup)$65 (SOLD OUT)
Tea cup booking site: https://www.trybooking.com/CNEWU

4. 14:30 – 15:30 (travel cup)$75 (SOLD OUT)
Travel cup booking site: https://www.trybooking.com/CNEWP

*Cost of all materials and firing fee is included.

このワークショップでは陶芸用下絵絵具などを使って食洗器使用OKのオリジナルデザインの作品を作ります。ワークショップには手作りの素焼きの器、下絵具と日本から取り寄せた多数の柄の転写紙等すべての材料、焼成費が含まれます。絵付けが終わり次第乾燥し、釉薬掛け、焼成が終わったら約4週間ほどでJapaneasy で受け渡しか、担当の陶芸家の陶芸スタジオ(Montmorency)まで取りに来くる、または追加料金で自宅に発送します。オリジナル柄の日常使いのカップ、または特別なプレゼントになる事まちがいなしです。

Booking information


Let’s have fun and learn Traditional Japanese TSUMAMI-ZAIKU.

CHIRIMEN TUSMAMI ZAIKU artist, Mayumi is going to have a workshop at Japaneasy.

Would you like to make a one of kind special accessory for you or as a gift to someone you love?

 TSUMAMI ZAIKU is one of the traditional Japanese crafts born in the Edo Period, and is a decoration made by combining pieces of cloths cut into small squares which then we pinch with tweezers to make flowers.

TSUMAMI means pinch and ZAIKU means craft.

I will be holding 3 different workshops:

WS1: Flower use MARUTSUMAMI technic 1.5HRS

WS2: Snowflake use KENTSUMAMI technics 1.5HRS

WS3: Poinsettia 1.5hrs

*You get to choose a type of hair clip: 2way clip, hair tie or KANZASHI (hair stick) on the day

*I’ll provide all tools to use on the day (e.g., scissors and sharp tweezers)

*The colour will be randomised

* If you also require reading glasses, I recommend that you pls bring it as well

>Session time<

WS1: 10:00 – 11:30 (SOLD OUT)

WS2: 12:00 – 13:30 (SOLD OUT)

WS3: 14:00 – 15:30 (2 available)

Age: 12yrs+

Cost: $55 p/p (inc: gift to WS review set)






WS1:丸小花 主に丸摘みの技法で作ります。 1時間半

WS2: 雪の結晶 主に剣つまみの技法で作ります。1時間半

WS3: ポインセチア 1時間半

*当日ヘアクリップ、2way クリップ、ヘアゴム、かんざしの中から選べます。




Booking information

Shiori Ningyo – Bookmark Doll workshop by Kanomi – Yukata.Ya (SOLD OUT)

Join us for an enchanting workshop where you can unleash your creativity and craft your own Shiori Ningyo, a unique type of Japanese paper doll known as a ‘bookmark doll’ .


We will use Chiyogami, a traditional Japanese paper renowned for its use in paper dolls and crafting accessories.


In this class, we will explore the fundamental techniques of paper-doll crafting to bring a charming little Shiori Ningyo to life. Once your doll takes shape, we’ll embark on a collaborative journey to personalize and frame it, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that truly reflects your individual style.


Rest assured, we will provide all the necessary materials, and no prior experience is required. (Please note that scissors will be used in this class.)


This workshop is suitable for participants aged 7 and above, so bring along your young artists for a delightful, artistic adventure!


10am-11am (SOLD OUT)

11:30am-12:30pm (SOLD OUT)






Booking information

Mini Japanese Paper Doll by Kanomi – Yukata.Ya

During this workshop, we will guide you in crafting a charming three-dimensional mini Japanese paper doll using exquisite Chiyogami paper.


Traditional Japanese paper doll-making materials can be challenging to acquire, but fear not, as we’ll share some clever tips on substituting certain items with readily available alternatives.


By the end of the session, you will have your own petite, 12~13cm tall girl figurine that can stand independently.


We’ll also provide a glass jar for you to display and safeguard your paper doll.


This workshop spans 2.5 hours, so remember to bring along some water to keep hydrated.


This class is suitable for individuals aged 12 and older. If you wish to participate with young children, please consider our Shiori Ningyo Workshop.


1:30pm-4:00pm (1 available)





このワークショップは 2 時間半に及びますので、水分補給のために水を忘れずにご持参ください。




Booking information

CRAFTING WITH UPCYCLED KIMONO YARN By Yukimi Breaden (Sachi Japanese Handcrafts)

In Japan recently, people have been finding creative ways to make use of kimono, yukata and other traditional garments that are unwanted or no longer wearable. One of the popular ways is to transform the garments into ‘kimono yarn’: strips of material for use in craft projects.
In this 45-minute workshop, you will use kimono yarn to make either a kawaii Christmas decoration or a smart hair scrunchie. You’ll also receive materials to take away and craft your own kimono yarn creation at home.
Suitable for ages 8 up.




Session times :
12:00-12:45 (3 available)
1:00-1:45 (4 available)
Cost $30

Booking information