Japan Winter Festival 2022

Real Japan Culture Workshop

Date: Sat 6th August, 2022
Time: 13:00-18:00
Venue:JAPANEASY (L1, 152 Little Lonsdale Street)

・Enjoy Japanese traditional and modern culture workshops

・Craft/Sweets/Tea market

・This is a unique event for people with a love of Japan, or those interested in a Japanese experience.

・Pray for Peace Sound Meditation Experience for everyone for Hiroshima day

Please book through the link to join workshops, the seats for these classes are limited. All bookings will open on Wed 6th July 2022 at noon.

You can also walk in on that day and join the workshop without booking, however, we recommend to book online beforehand to secure your seats.



Japan Winter Festival 2022

Culture Workshops Lineup

Nerikiri Experience Wagashi Workshop for Beginners!

by @minniesweets_melbourne

In this fun, unique and hands-on 1.5-hour beginners class you will create 3 beautiful nerikiri, a class of Japanese confectionery (wagashi) provided in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Almost too beautiful to eat, nerikiri are designed to engage all your senses!

** 練切り体験ワークショップ(初心者向け)のお知らせ **
1:30pm – 3pm (6th August) – SOLD OUT – join wait list
4pm-5:30pm (6th August) – SOLD OUT – join wait list

Sumie on Shikishi / Hude-Pen de Sumie

by Kinran 
1Sumie on Shikishi
Let’s try Sumie, Japanese Ink Painting on Shikishi which is ricepaper coated cardboard with beautiful gold trim, ready to display with a finishing touch of red seal. Our theme is Japanese crane in snowscape. We will learn brush control technique in line depiction, 3 dimentional affect with different ink tones, and how to paint white snowy mountain with ink using Hake (flat brush). The materials will be provided. All are welcome and no experience necessary.
2 Hude-Pen de Sumie
Hude-Pen is brush-tip pen with ink loaded. This means we can paint Sumi-e without any other materials except paper! In this session, you will learn which Sumie style can be done with Hude-Pen and how. We will paint on ricepaper coated postcard with a finishing touch of red seal, so that you can make your own card to send or small art work to display. The materials will be provided. All are welcome and no experience necessary.

1Sumie on Shikishi – Booking site: – SOLD OUT – join wait list

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2 Hude-Pen de Sumie – Booking site:

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Make Your Own Vintage Kimono Scrunchie

By Yukimi Breaden (Sachi Japanese Handcrafts)
Create your own piece of kimono history! In this workshop you’ll hand-sew your very own scrunchie hair tie using exquisite vintage kimono fabric direct from Japan. A choice of colours and patterns are available and all supplies and equipment are provided.
This workshop is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to intermediate sewers, ages 12 and up. It is led by Yukimi Breaden, who transforms pre-lived kimonos into fashion garments and accessories.
The workshop includes:
– sewing supplies to use on the day and take home with you afterwards
– extra fabric and elastic cord to make another scrunchie for yourself at home
– a cute mini pincushion souvenir
Workshop times:
Cost: $50

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Japanese ceramic design workshop

By KIKU Pottery Studio
Let’s have fun decorating ceramics!
In this workshop, you can create your own original ceramic cup, bowl or plate. Naoko will provide you with one of her own studio crafted cups, bowls or plates to decorate with underglaze and a beautiful selection of handmade tissue transfers imported directly from Japan. Your creation will be professionally glazed, fired and delivered back to Japaneasy (or if you’d prefer, pick it up from Naoko’s Studio in Montmorency or have it delivered to your home  (at the cost of shipping) around 2-4 weeks later, ready to use or gift to someone special!
陶芸用絵の具や転写紙を使って食洗器使用OKのオリジナルデザインの器を作ります。器はカップ、ボール、皿の中から一つ選んでいただき作製します。作製後2-4週間で仕上がり次第Japaneasy か担当の陶芸スタジオ(Montmorency)まで取りに来ていただくか、または追加料金で自宅に発送します。オリジナル柄の日常使いの器、または特別なプレゼントに最適です。age+7
14:15-15:15 – SOLD OUT – join wait list
15:30-16:30 – SOLD OUT – join wait list

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ーMizuhiki knot Earringsー

By Anna Konecny
Join us to learn to make your own jewelry using the Japanese traditional paper cord called Mizuhiki.
In this workshop, you will be guided through this process to complete ONE pair of earrings in any color combination.

You can choose silver or gold studs/hook or clip-on.
Craft beginners welcome.

The class include
-What is Mizuhiki? Where from?
-How to handle Mizuhiki
-basic knots + Awaji knot
-cords to practice
-materials to make a pair of earrings/clip-on
-extra 10 cords to take home to have more fun
*All equipment is supplied on the day. Let’s have fun and be creative!!



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The perfect matcha latte: Secret tips from a Japanese barista

By Cha Haus

Want to serve the perfect matcha latte at home?

We’ll show you how to use a common household device to create cafe-quality matcha lattes every time.

Join your hosts Cha Haus owner Madoka and Origami Cafe owner and barista Takeshi for a fun (and yummy) workshop.

Madoka will show you how to mix up a silky smooth matcha, including common mistakes to avoid when mixing your own. Then Takeshi will have you frothing milk like a tattooed Fitzroy barista so you can turn your matcha into a silky smooth latte.

By the time you leave, you’ll be pleasantly caffeinated and ready to put your new skills to use.

We can only offer two sessions of this popular workshop and only have space for a small number of matcha lovers. So please sign up early to avoid missing out.

SPECIAL JAPANEASY BONUS: All participants will receive Japanese confectionery and a small “omiyage” gift bag.








厳選された抹茶を使ってのベース作りの基礎はCha Hausまどかが

ミルクはOrgami coffeeたけしが楽しくレクチャーいたします。




90 minutes / session




Booking information

Traditional Japanese Calligraphy



Learn the beautiful art of traditional Japanese Calligraphy! Japanese calligraphy (書道, shodō) also called shūji (習字) is a form of calligraphy, or artistic writing, of the Japanese language. The art of brought to Japan by a Chinese calligrapher from the 4th century, but after the invention of Hiragana and Katakana, the Japanese unique syllabaries, the distinctive Japanese writing system developed and calligraphers produced styles intrinsic to Japan. The term shodō (書道, “way of writing”) is of Chinese origin as it is widely used to describe the art of Chinese calligraphy during the medieval Tang dynasty.

You will learn how to paint pictographic characters with an ink-drenched brush and a focused mind. Not only does this improve your kanji, you’ll also create a masterpiece to hang on your wall.

Sat 6th Aug

(1)12:00-13:00 ($20) or 12:00-13:30 ($25)
(2)13:10-14:10 ($20)
※Capacity:10 people

Please book via




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Pray for Peace Sound Meditation Experience for everyone for Hirosihma Day

Pray for Peace! Join our Peace Meditation Workshop on August 6th, you will be guided by the miracle sound bowls called Singingring® (originated in Japan) to effortlessly take your consciousness to a Meditative state and the body to a deeply relaxed state, finding yourself in the sound of silence and peace within you. After your sound tuning. We will pray for peace which will be a powerful manifestation act. In this workshop you will: Experience miracle sound healing, guided by Singingring® sound bowls Tuning your vibration to an optimal level Learning about Singingring® and its miracle sounds Relax and rejuvenate from your mind and body cells Receive very unique sounds and vibrations Pray for peace from your heart centre after body and mind tuning Pray for Peace!


シンギングリン®の平和を祈るメディテーションワークショップのお知らせで す。 日本で生まれ、日本で作られた奇跡の音響楽器といわれるシンギングリン®のサウンドボール 音で意識を合わせて心と体を深くリラックスし、音を通して内なる平和を見出すワークショッ プです。奇跡の音シンギングリンの奇跡な理由を実際に体感していただくサウンドヒーリング の体験をしていただきます。 心と体を音と波動で最高に整えたあと、皆さんと一緒に平和を祈ります。 ワークショップは20分間、1グループにつき2-3人、無料のワークショップですので、 ブッキングは必要ありませんが、当日のお席の確保もうけつけています。どなたでもご参加い ただけるワークショップですお気軽にお越しください。


Duration: 20 mins (Free)

Suitable for everyone

Maximum of 3 people at each workshop

You can book the session in advance to secure your spot.

Booking information