March 23, 2020

COVID-19 & Lesson update

COVID-19 & Online Lesson update

—–Updated on 23th Mar—–

Based on the new restrictions issued by the Victorian Government yesterday, we have shifted all lessons online.
Our teachers are making big efforts in order to maintain the usual great quality of the both group and private lessons and the most important thing is to keep learning!
Let us help you to use this extraordinary time to make your life more enjoyable and improve yourself at the same time.
Let’s stay positive and happy learning!


—–Updated on 18th Mar—–

First of all, thank you to the people who subscribed to our YouTube channel.
We still need some more folks to sign up to reach the magic 1000 but hopefully we can have live YouTube lessons up and running soon.

In the meantime, we are happy to announce that you can choose to join lessons online if you prefer not to come in the class. We have successfully conducted tests over the last few days and it works absolutely fine for both group and private classes.

At the moment we use Skype. However, due to multiple lessons running concurrently, we have many Skype IDs, so we might not be able to tell you exactly which ID we will use before your lesson. The easiest method is that you can email or text us your Skype ID or email address you registered on Skype, then we will call you when the class starts.

If you have no Skype ID, it is easy to register via computer, iPad or Mobile Phone. For iPads or Mobile Phones – simply download the Skype app.
For PCs –

It would be helpful if you could provide a little notice in advance when you decide to participate in an online class. This will allow time for your teacher to scan the documents to send to you on the computer.

Our aim is to help people who are willing to keep studying Japanese. We teachers are pretty excited to start these alternative online classes. It is something different. Something modern. And a positive way to keep moving forward as other parts of our lives grind to a halt.

Again, we are operating lessons as normal. You retain the flexibility to take classes ‘in class’ or online. We are happy either way as long as you have the chance to keep learning.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Happy learning!

—–Updated on 14th Mar—–

While Coronavirus is of concern, we don’t believe there is currently any reason to panic. We are informing you that JAPANEASY WILL REMAIN OPERATING AS NORMAL taking precautions under the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health. If anything changes, we will contact you immediately.

We would like to encourage anyone who is feeling unwell to refrain from visiting our school until seeking medical advice from a qualified practitioner. Please self-isolate until results are conclusive.

What precautions will JAPANEASY be taking?

– Our staff will take the opportunity to rewash their own hands frequently and have been advised to stay home if they are unwell. Equipment will be cleaned frequently. Cleaning high contact surface points more regularly and thoroughly.

We are now considering offering people that need to isolate themselves lessons via either Skype or Youtube. However we just realised that if we would like to run live-lessons through YouTube, we need 1000 subscribers (!) to be permitted! We would like to take this opportunity to ask for your cooperation in subscribing to our new YouTube channel in order to run live-lessons!

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Let’s keep studying hard, we believe that we will have more chances to go travelling to Japan in the near future.

Happy learning!