November 15, 2023

2024 Term 1 Group Course (Jan 15th-)

Term 1 Group Course (Jan 15th- Mar 9th)

We’ll start Term 1 courses from Jan 16th – Mar 11th. (8 weeks)

There are 3 courses for group class:

1. General Group Course: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
・The most pupular course.
・You’ll learn all skills: Writing, reading, speaking and listening.
・Grammar based
・Suitable for people who would like to learn grammars as well as conversational skills or / and intend to take JLPT in the future

2. Focus on Communication Course
・Beginner Travel conversation class (completes in 1 term)
・Advanced conversation class

3. JLPT Preparation Course (N3, N2, N1)
・You’ll cover JLPT each level throughout of the year. (Term 1 – Term 4, then more exercise on Term 5)
・N4 & N5: Please join Beginners or Intermediate level for Term 1-3 or 4.
(N5 level is roughly same as Pre-Intermediate level / N4: Intermediate-5 level)


★Early Bird Discount for Term 1★
(1)$30 or $20 off if you pay by 2nd Dec (Super early bird)
・16hrs Group Class: $462→$432
・8rhs Conversation Class: $242→$222
(2)$15 or $10 off if you pay by 29th Dec (Early bird)
・16hrs Group Class: $462→$447
・8rhs Conversation Class: $242→$232

Here is a link for group courses.