Student Inteview - Selina Lin

1. Name:
Selina Lin
2. Country:
3. Length of study Japanese:
About 4 years
4. Why are you learning Japanese?:
Learning Japanese is fun and gives you various opportunities! Thanks to my studies, I have been able to study in Japan, try new activities like calligraphy, and experience Japanese school life, so I'm very glad that I began it. And of course, I was able to meet with everyone at Japaneasy!
5. How is your Japanese study?:
Currently, I am studying for VCE and JLPT (N3), so sometimes it feels a bit troublesome. However, since everyone at Japaneasy is always kind and friendly, I can have fun in class and relax. That's why Japanese is definitely my favourite subject!
6. Why did you choose JAPANEASY?:
I chose Japaneasy because not only is there culture classes and "Japanese village", but the classes are also small, so it is easy to interact with teachers.
7. How would you like learning Japanese in JAPANEASY?:
I am taking VCE tuition and JLPT classes, and the teachers at Japaneasy are always helping me out. In private lessons, I think that you can focus on parts that you are not sure about (especially speaking), practice with teachers and become more confident. For JLPT lessons, while learning new grammar, vocabulary and kanji, you can talk about the teachers' and other students' experiences, so even though studying is a little difficult, when you are with everyone else it becomes fun. So please, come to Japaneasy!
8. Your favorite Nihongo and reasons?:
My favourite is the expression "ichigo ichie". When I was in Japan and learned how to write it, I was told by the teacher that "ichigo ichie is a moment that will never return". Everyone, no matter who, has unique memories that can never be taken back. That's why I think that "ichigo ichie" conveys the importance of living "now". So let's remember that meaning and live life to the fullest!