Student Inteview - Tim Carter

1. Name:
Tim Carter
2. Country:
3. Length of study Japanese:
3 years
4. Why are you learning Japanese?:
I met some Japanese people for the 1st time when I was traveling in Perth. At night we would all sit in the backpackers and talk. They were lots of fun, with a great sense of humour and very kind and generous in sharing their culture and language with me. So I was quickly captivated and fascinated by all things Japanese. I think I will always have a special love for Japanese people and culture now. I learned so much in few week so after they left i still wanted to keep my Japanese connection alive so it only seemed natural to keep learning!
5. How is your Japanese study?:
Despite being a disruptive year for me I sat the Japanese learning proficiency exam in December and passed! Which is great! So I am really happy to have some recognition for my learning. I couldn’t have done it with out the support of the Japaneasy staff especially my sensei Naomi. So I am so very grateful to all of them! Arigato!
6. Why did you choose JAPANEASY?:
I went round to all the Japanese language schools in Melbourne, because picking the right school was important to me. I spoke to someone from each school in person to get a first impression. I really wanted learning to be as fun and enjoyable as it had been in Perth. My initial interview and free level check with theJapaneasy’s Director Minako Fujita was great. She was friendly & easy to get along with and her hands on experience really shone through. And as well as being the director of the school she was the owner so from the start she really seemed like the person I could trust with my Japanese dream.
7. How would you like learning Japanese in JAPANEASY?:
I love learning at Japaneasy, It’s a very friendly atmosphere to learn in, and all the teachers make and effort to get to know you and introduce you around so you never feel like just another student. There are different courses to suit my needs. I’ve studied in the intensive Couse over the summer then group lessons which are cheaper. But usually the flexibility of private lessons to study things that I particularly want to learn or practise suites me best. They also have culture lesson I have especially enjoyed the Japanese calligraphy classes they hold on Wednesday nights. I think one of the best things is that you feel like you’re part of the Japanese learning community so I’ve made lots of new friends through JAPANEASY both here and overseas. and building a network of Japanease friends is great for your overseas trip! Really i have receive so much value out of my Japaneasy experience far beyond my expectations, I am really grateful for it.
8. Your favorite Nihongo and reasons?:
Chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru 塵も 積もれば 山となる even dust when piled up can become a mountain. It means, even a little gain built on top of each other day after day over time leads to a great success! I think it’s a good metaphor for learning Japanese