Student Inteview - Phillip Le

1. Name:
Phillip Le
2. Country:
3. Length of study Japanese:
15 months.
4. Why are you learning Japanese?:
The main reason why I'm learning Japanese is because I'm interested in Japanese Culture.
5. How is your Japanese study?:
My Japanese studies are progressing well. I am able to read and converse at a basic level and hoping to improve more as my study progresses.
6. Why did you choose JAPANEASY?:
Comparing to the Tuitions I've looked at, Japaneasy outshone the most. The school is at a convenient location and has extracurricular activities such Nihonmura and Term Parties.
7. How would you like learning Japanese in JAPANEASY?:
I've been studying Japanese for approximately 15 months and what make learning Japanese in Japaneasy enjoyable is the teachers. The teachers make the course interesting, and willing to help when in need.
8. Your favorite Nihongo and reasons?:
Kanpai! I'm always using this word when I'm having fun when im drinking.