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Our experienced teachers visit your company, school or home!

The lesson content is decided through consultation.
Personalised lessons learning at your own pace.
Can cater for irregular or ad-hoc lessons to suit your schedule.
Targeted improvement in specific areas.

We are based in CBD, please ask us for the availability if you are out of CBD area.
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Type Example of the contents
Company Visit  Japanese language and Etiquette in business situations
- Basic business phrases , Greetings , Self -Introduction , How to Bow,
Business card exchanging , Nodding, Business meeting , Business lunch and dinner,
E-mail ,Basic business etiquette in general.
School Visit  Culture experience
- calligraphy, origami, Kirigami, kimono-wearing, Cat's Cradle, Abacus   
 Language experience
- from beginner to advanced. Teaching methods include games, songs, or more formal styles.