April 8, 2024

May intake: Beginner class & Survival Travel conversation course

May Short Courses

We set 2 courses for May!

If you would like to learn Japanese for a long term, then we have
・General Course: Beginner-1 Intensive

You can learn all skills and go to Beginner-2 level after finishing this course.

Day&Time: Tue & Thu 17:40-19:50
Dates: May 7th – May 30th (2hrs×8 days)
Fee: $462 

Syllabus link

B-1 Intensive class registration form link


If you plan to travel to Japan this year and want to learn some travel phrases, then we have
・Survival Travel Conversation course

This class completes in 2 days, there is no next level ,but we would extend another 2 weeks if students would like:)
Schedule: You can choose from the below listed
①Mon 12:30-14:40  / May 6th & 13th
②Thu 17:40-19:50 / May 2nd & 9th
Fee: $132
・Greeting / Simple self-introduction
・Ordering food
・Shopping conversation