May 10, 2023

2023 Term 3 Group Course (Jun 5th-)

Term 3 Group Course (Jun 5th – Jul 29th)

We’ll start Term 3 courses from Jun 5th to Jul 29th. (8 weeks)

There are 3 courses for group class:

1. General Group Course: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
・The most pupular course.
・You’ll learn all skills: Writing, reading, speaking and listening.
・Grammar based
・Suitable for people who would like to learn grammars as well as conversational skills or / and intend to take JLPT in the future

2. Focus on Communication Course
・You’ll mainly learn speaking and listening, focus on more communication.
・Suitable for people who would like to focus on conversation. ( No characters are taught)

3. JLPT Preparation Course (N3, N2, N1)
・You’ll cover JLPT each level throughout of the year. (Term 1 – Term 4, then more exercise on Term 5)
・N4 & N5: Please join Beginners or Intermediate level for Term 1-3 or 4.
(N5 level is roughly same as Pre-Intermediate level / N4: Intermediate-5 level)


★Early Bird Discount for Term 3★
$15 or $10 off if you pay by Sat 20th May (early bird)
・16hrs Group Class: $418→$403
・8rhs Conversation Class: $220→$210

Here is a link for group courses.