Calligraphy Introduction

Learn the beautiful art of traditional Japanese Calligraphy!

Japanese calligraphy (書道, shodō) is a form of calligraphy, or artistic writing, of the Japanese language.

If you don’t have experience doing Japanese Calligraphy, this class if for you 🙂

In my class, I will teach you the eight basic brush strokes (you can see them in the picture) with using the Kanji, “永”.
When you write “永”, you use these 8 techniques so it becomes easy to learn calligraphy!

▼About Teacher

Hi, I’m Ren from Japan(Saitama)
I learned Japanese calligraphy more than 10 years.
In my class, I would like to teach calligraphy for beginners so the person who would like to start learning calligraphy and review learning calligraphy is suitable! (ex. How to use calligraphy tools, How to use calligraphy techniques like stop(とめ), check(はね), sweep(はらい) etc…)
If you have any questions during the class, you can ask me anytime.
Feel free to come!
I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Time: Wed 17:30-18:30

Oct: 11th, 25th
Nov: 8th, 22nd



Fee: $20 (Cash only)


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