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Short Courses (Beginner Class / Travel Conversation Class) in Nov

Updated: 16/10/2019

Special Short Courses in Nov 
Early Bird Discount ($10 off) by Mon 21st Oct

Beginner-1 Intensive Course  
  Perfectly suitable for those who:
     - want to study Japanese from scratch in a quick way!
     - want to get down to basics!
     - have studied before but almost forgotten!

Day & Time


Study Hours


Sat 15:30-18:50
(3 hours)

Nov 2nd - 30th 
(5 weeks)

15 hours


   Greetings, Introducing yourself and friends, Meeting new people, Numbers, Asking Time,
   Date&Day expressions, Name of basic objects, Shopping conve rsations, Telephone conversation,
   HIRAGANA reading and writing.

   After completing this course, you can join 8-week Beginner-2 course in further term! 

   Term 5: Oct 7 – Nov 30


 Beginner Travel Conversation Course
  For those who are being a bit nervous to travel in Japan not knowing any words / phrases.
  This course will help you boosting self confidence in communicating and that will make your stay
  more memorable!

Day & Time


Study Hours


Sat 9:30-11:40

Nov 2nd - 23rd

8 hours


 ★ Contents
  Situational conversation, culture and manners
  (Restaurant / Shopping / Station / Airport / Taxi / Meeting people / Booking / Trouble etc.)  




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