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Beginner-1 Intensive Course in Feb-Mar

Updated: 14/06/2018

Beginner-1: Intensive Course 

Would you like to start learning Japanese in a quick way?
Then this short course is suitable for you!
Japaneasy normally have 8 weeks courses for each level (once a week),
but you can complete in 1 month if you take this class!

☆Tue&Fri class☆
Day&Time: Tue&Fri 17:40-19:50
(1)Tue 7th Feb
(2)Fri 10th Feb
(3)Tue 14th Feb
(4)Fri 17th Feb
(5)Tue 21st Feb
(6)Fri 24th  Feb
(7)Tue 28th Feb
(8)Fri 3rd Mar

Fee: $320+GST (2hrs×8 times: 16 hours)

☆Sat class☆
Day&Time: Sat
(1)Sat 11th Feb 12:00-15:20
(2)Sat 18th Feb 15:30-18:50
(3)Sat 25th Feb 10:50-14:10
(4)Sat 4th Mar   15:30-18:50
(5)Sat 11th Mar 12:00-15:20

Fee: $300+GST (3hrs×5 times: 15 hours)

Contents are the same as Beginner-1 normal 8 weeks course:
Greeting, Introducing yourself and friends, Meeting new people, Numbers, Asking Time, date expressions, Names of basic objects, Shopping conversations, Telephone conversation, HIRAGANA reading and writing

After taking this class, you can join Beginner-2 class in Term 2! (Term 2: Mar 20th - May 13th)

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