Student Inteview - Christina Adriani

1. Name:
Christina Adriani
2. Country:
3. Length of study Japanese:
1.5 years ☆Passed JLPT5 in 2009 / JLPT4 in 2010☆
4. Why are you learning Japanese?:
It started out as a New Year’s resolution last year, but really it’s because I’d like to work in Japan one day and the type of job I’d like to do require a decent level of Japanese comprehension
5. How is your Japanese study?:
It’s going great and it’s been really fun to boot. I think I’ve come quite a fair bit since the day we learned how to read hiragana :)
6. Why did you choose JAPANEASY?:
Firstly it was because Japaneasy’s website was one of the most comprehensive one out there and gave me a good overview of what they have to offer. Mina sensei then rang me and was very helpful on the phone, I found out about everything I wanted to know and decided that I’ll give it a shot. What a great decision that was!
7. How would you like learning Japanese in JAPANEASY?:
It’s been really great, I love the fact that all the lessons are taught mostly in Japanese, that way we get attuned to hearing spoken Japanese from the very start. All the teachers are not only great at what they do, but most of them became really good friends of mine. Speaking of which, I’ve also made so many good friends since I studied at Japaneasy, both in Melbourne and Japan!
8. Your favorite Nihongo and reasons?:
一期一会(いちごいちえ) This is a Japanese saying that roughly translates to “one chance in a lifetime” - I like it because it resonates well with my own ‘philosophy’ – to just seize the day and make the most of every moment!