Student Inteview - June Tan

1. Name:
June Tan
2. Country:
3. Length of study Japanese:
6years+ ☆Passed JLPT1 in 2009☆
4. Why are you learning Japanese?:
My initial motivation was due to my love for japanese anime, manga and drama. Now I just want to be as fluent as I can so that I can live and study in Japan!
5. How is your Japanese study?:
Very different from the language used on tv/manga >.< But once I learnt the reason and the skill, it's easy ^_^.
6. Why did you choose JAPANEASY?:
The teachers are friendly, sincere and dedicated. The environment is very comfortable. Plus I think it's cool they BUILT the classrooms themselves!
7. How would you like learning Japanese in JAPANEASY?:
Love it! I wish I found them earlier so that I can be with them longer!
8. Your favorite Nihongo and reasons?:
Ganbarimasu! Ganbaranakereba narimasen! Ganbaranai to! Ganbaranakya! Ganbaranakucha! There's so many ways to say it, but there's no english word to substitute it; it can be said to myself or other people, and most of all they mean the same thing: DO YOUR BEST!