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Choir (合唱) ☆FREE☆

Let's join Japanese Choir!

Would you like to enjoy singing Japanese songs as a member of Japaneasy choir team? We are practising Japanese choir every Sat at Japaneasy

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You can have a look at our latest performances:

Practice Schedule :
(Sat 19:00-21:00)

May: 5, 12, 19 
Jun: 16, 30
Jul: 14, 28
Aug: 4, 11, (Performance on 18th at the Japaneasy Party)
Sep: 8, 22
Oct: 13, 27th
Nov: 10, 24 (Perforcamce on 25th at the Japaneasy Party)



毎年Boxhillで開催されるJapan Festivalでパフォーマンスをしています!
You Tubeリンク  
(Level4,126 Russel st. Melbourne→4D Dynamic cinemaのビル4階です)

日本人のほかに当校学生であるオージーや香港人などメンバーは様々、みんなとてもフレンドリーで楽しいですよ!お友達と一緒の参加も大歓迎です! 一緒に楽しみましょう :)


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