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Shinobue (Japanese Bamboo Flute) 篠笛

Shinobue (Japanese Bamboo Flute) 篠笛

Let's Play the ' Shinobue ' Japanese bamboo flute !


' I am interested in playing the bamboo flute.'
 ' I want to try something new.'
 This class is recommended for those people !
The right breathing technique will give you better body condition as well !
Beginners are welcome !  (You can rent the flute for an extra fee)
Let's play the 'Shinobue' Japanese bamboo flute !



Day: Fri 18:30-19:30
Date: On Request

Fee: Private: $35 
        Group (2people~): $25

Shinobue rental: $15
Shinobue purchase: $20(plastic) or $30 (bamboo)

Things to bring: Hand mirror