Culture Workshops (文化村)

Chie's Calligraphy 智愛書道&ペン習字教室

Chie's Calligraphy  智愛書道&ペン習字教室

Let's Enjoy Calligraphy!!!

I had learned calligraphy for 32 years . I  have a lot of qualifications as a calligraphy  instructor and   enough experience for the job.
You can see my work of art  and I  will give you a model of  calligraphy, an illustration of how to write it  in the work shop.  
Won’t you  write your name ,  kanji , hiragana beautifully?
First of all,  please  come , see and try !    Just do it!


まずは集まれ! 来て、見て、楽しく書いてみよう!

☆Teacher's Career ☆
Calligrapher  for  the head of  the  Ohara-ryu  school   of  flower  arrangement  and Kobe daimaru department store 
( writing  New Year’s card   to  the Imperial House and so on)

Calligraphy  instructer  at home and  on the passenger boat around the world.

・全国書写能力検定連合会  師範     
・一東書道会        師範     
・実務書道会        師範



Day & Time: Sat 13:10-14:10 
Aug: 5,12,19,26
Sep: 2,16,23,30

Fee: $16