Culture Workshops (文化村)

Shogi (Japanese Chess) 将棋

Shogi (Japanese Chess) 将棋

Are you a chess lover looking for another challenging board game?
Or are you a dan player and just looking to have some casual matches?
Or do you simply wish to exercise your brain a bit?

If so, then feel free to pay a visit to the Shogi workshop, where fun, friendliness and challenges co-exist.

ALL levels of players are welcomed.

In this workshop, I will show you

・Greetings before and after match, Shogi rules, etc.
・How to pick up and put down a piece on the board in a shogi match
・Basic opening strategies, piece value calculations for mid-game etc.
・Simple/advanced tsume (Mating problems) and hisshi (Brink-mate problem)
・Handicap games or Even Games

Also check out the following link to see how cool a Shogi match can be:


Day&Time: Fri 18:00-20:00 /  Sat 17:00-19:00
Date: On request

Fee: $10